Mentoring Program


The Utah Dance Judges Association Mentoring Program was created to help give judges additional training with experienced judges. In addition to the UDJA training workshops, our mentoring program allows judges to experience judging at a live event.

We encourage all new judges to participate in our mentoring program. Here is how the program works:

All judges interested in the mentoring program, must be a UDJA member. If you are not a current member, you can register through our registration page on the website.

Members who are interested in mentoring are to submit their contact information below. We will then get your information and be in contact with you when a mentoring opportunity is available.

Drill Team Competition Mentoring will take place during the months of January and December and Studio Competition mentoring will take place February – June.

You will then be paired up with a veteran judge at an upcoming competition.

Veteran judges will sit with you at competitions to help answer an questions, review judging sheets and give you feedback.

Please remember that this is a mentoring opportunity and therefore it is an unpaid event. You will need to follow the professionalism guidelines for judging as well. You will be required to bring your own judging sheets, calculator, clip board, pencils and your own refreshments.